Installation Instructions

Install Now

Bodhi Linux makes this method of installation so easy there is hardly any need for instructions at all. Just click the Install Now button on the page of the application you wish to install, enter your password in the pop-up window that appears and confirm that you do want to install the package in the next pop-up window. That's it! In a few minutes (or less) your new software will be ready to go.

The Install Now button also causes your system to do an apt-get update which ensures you get the most current package versions available. Note that it is necessary to use the Install Now button on a fresh install unless you have updated your system by another method.

NOTE: This feature relies on “apt:url” to function. As such the only officially supported browsers are Midori and Firefox. Opera, Konqueror and maybe a few other Browsers can be configured to use “apt:url” but do not do so out of the box. Other browsers can still install software via the Download method.

Quick Install

The Quick Install text link below the buttons will allow you to install a package without the apt-get update process.

This method will not work on a fresh install unless you have updated your sources list first!

Download Installer

This method offers more flexibility (it will work with any browser) but also requires just a few more steps. Also, this method will allow installation at a later time and/or the ability to move the installer to another machine (on a USB stick for example).

Click the Download Button on the page of the application you wish to install and downloaded the .bod file making sure you note where you downloaded it to. There are different options for installating this .bod file:   Graphical or Command Line.

Graphical Install

Open EFM (the default file manager in Bodhi Linux) and navigate to the directory where you downloaded the file, in this example ephoto.bod for the ePhoto image viewer.

Right-click on the file and choose File Properties.

Under the Permissions section click the box execute for your User Name then click Apply.

Then just double-click the file in the EFM window. You will be notified that the bod file is decompressing. Please wait.

You will be asked to confirm the installation and enter your password, after which the installer will run. When it is successfully completed a window will appear informing you where in the Main Menu your new application can be found.

NOTE: You may need to restart Enlightenment before the application shows up in your menu.

CLI Install

Open a Terminal and cd to the directory where the file was downloaded. Next, to change the file permissions to allow execution, type:

 chmod 755 ephoto.bod 

Now run the installer:


The same confirmation/password windows from the GUI install will appear now, and end by informing you of the Main Menu location for the application when finished.

NOTE: Bodhi's .bod files support several command line options which may be useful in certain situations, see our wiki article: .Bod File Command Line Arguments.