Non-Free Codecs

This package depends on the binaries codecs package matching your architecture (w32codecs for i386 and lpia and w64codecs for amd64 systems). It can be safely removed.


  • libamrnb3
  • libamrwb3
  • ubuntu-restricted-extras


  • kubuntu-restricted-extras


  • xubuntu-restricted-extras
  • w32codecs

In addition to the Installation Instructions below that are applicable to all packages, there is one unique additional step to installing the Non Free Codecs if you use the Install Now button. An ncurses (text-based) screen will be in the Details section which you must click to open. It will be asking you to accept the license terms. You can read through the terms by using the Up/Down arrow keys. To accept the terms you must use Tab to highlight the OK button then press Enter.




Please see the Installation Instructions for further information.

Quick Install bypasses the apt-get update done with the "Install Now" button and can NOT be used with a fresh installation.

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