XaoS is an interactive fractal viewer, allowing the user to continuously zoom in or out of a fractal in real-time. XaoS can display many common fractal types, including Mandelbrot, Barnsley, Newton, Phoenix, and even your own custom formulas. XaoS also supports switching between Julia and Mandelbrot sets for each formula. An interactive help and an animated introduction to fractals is included. The introduction is in 10 chapters dealing with different formulas presented in the software and their features.


  • Fast, Fluid, Continuous Zooming.
  • Animated Tutorials: The tutorials use animation and pictures to explain the math behind fractals in a way that you won't need an advanced math degree to understand.
  • XaoS can draw 24 different types of fractals. From classic fractals like Mandelbrot (powers 2-6), Newton, Barnsley, Sierpenski's Triangle, and the Koch Snowflake, to lesser-known fractals like Catseye and Spidron Hornflake.
  • Post-calculation filters add even more variety to the types of images you can create with XaoS.
  • XaoS allows you to color your fractals using a wide variety of algorithms. It provides 10 outer coloring modes, 10 inner coloring modes, and 10 additional true-color coloring modes. XaoS also supports color cycling and has supports for 256 color, hi color, true color, and black & white graphics modes.
  • XaoS allows you to save and replay your fractal creations as:
    • PNG image.
    • Fractal parameters, including location, palette, filters, and so on.
    • An animation file.
    • mpeg videos using ffmpeg, mencoder, or other video creation tools. Instructions for doing so are included with XaoS.
  • Multiple Language Support: available in English, French, Czech, German, Spanish, Romanian and Hungarian languages.
  • Extensive command line options allow you to control almost all aspects of XaoS via the command line. Use this feature to automate XaoS via shell scripts.
  • And more.




Please see the Installation Instructions for further information.

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