wxMaxima CAS

wxMaxima is a cross platform GUI for the computer algebra system Maxima based on wxWidgets.


  • 2D formatted math display: wxMaxima implements its own math display engine to nicely display maxima output.
  • Menu system: most Maxima commands are available through menus. Most used functions are also available through a button panel below the document.
  • Dialogs: commands which require more that one argument can be entered through dialogs so that there is no need to remember the exact syntax.
  • Create documents: text can be mixed with math calculations to create documents. Documents can be saved and edited again later.
  • Animations: version 0.7.4 adds support for simple animations.
  • Command completion: version 0.8.4 adds command completion and templates for Maxima functions and variables.




Please see the Installation Instructions for further information.

Quick Install bypasses the apt-get update done with the "Install Now" button and can NOT be used with a fresh installation.

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