Nikhila Application Set 64 Bit

Nikhila Application Set / 64bit

Nikhila means "whole, entire, all, complete" in Sanskrit. In this spirit we bring you the Nikhila Application Set.

This application suite provides functionality for just about every user need. These applications rival their commercial counterparts in features and ease of use. Bodhi has evaluated a group of packages that will meet most all of the average home user's needs, and packaged them together in one easy download installation.

You can install all the Nikhila packages at once with the Installation links at the bottom of the page.

Or you can select programs individually from the list below.


  Mirage - Image Viewer
  Adobe Pdf Reader - PDF Reader
  Cheese - Webcam
  Firefox - Web Browser
  gEdit - Text Editor
  Handbrake - Ripping
  LibreOffice - Office Suite
  Openshot - Video Editor
  Qalculate - Mathematics
  Pidgin - IM - Communication
  Printing - Printing and Scanning
  Rhythmbox - Audio Player
  Shotwell - Photo Manager
  Simple Scan - Printing and Scanning
  Thunderbird - Email
  Transmission - P2P And Torrent Clients
  VLC - Video Player
  XChat - IRC - Communication
  Filelight - System Tools
  Xfburn - Burning


Please see the Installation Instructions for further information.

The Install Now button is for immediate installation on machines with a good internet connection.

FAST INSTALL bypasses the apt-get update done with the "Install Now" button and can NOT be used with a fresh installation.